Bodyweight Exercise Routines For Beginners And More Advanced

Many people choose bodyweight exercises to get into the swing of working out. Since these don’t require special equipment or a gym, exercises using your bodyweight can be an effective way to strengthen your body.

Bodyweight exercises are appropriate for both beginners wishing to start a workout routine and people looking to find low-maintenance alternatives to workout machines and gym equipment.

How to get into a routine
There are lots of options for bodyweight workouts. Below are a few routines you can try. While it’s fantastic if you have time for a full workout, the beauty of these exercises is that you can also do a quick session.

Sneak in a few exercises if you find yourself in the office with a quick break. Or multitask and do some exercises while doing a hair or face mask.

Let these routines do the thinking for you, especially on days when your mind is fully occupied.

Aim to do these routines for about 15 to 20 minutes a day, a few times per week. Allow for at least one full day’s rest in between sessions.

Bodyweight exercise routine for beginners
This is a routine suitable for people who wish to get into the habit of working out more regularly. Get familiar with these exercises before attempting more advanced options.

You can do these exercises as a circuit routine:

Start by doing each exercise for 30 seconds each.
Rest for a maximum of 30 seconds in between.
Repeat each round of exercises 2-3 times.


Get back to the basics with pushups. They’ll work your upper body, lower back, and abdominals. Once you get used to the standard form, experiment with some variations.

From a plank position, drop your knees down, keeping your chest lifted.
Slowly move your chest down toward the floor until your upper arms are parallel to the floor.
Raise your body back to the original position.
As you get stronger, you can try standard pushups with knees aligned with straightened legs. If you need modifications for better comfort or limited space, try wall pushups.

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