Sandra Bullock Says She Regrets Making Speed 2: “I’m Still Embaɾɾassеd”

In her upcoming film The Lost City, Sandra Bullock plays a romance novelist whose go-to cover model (Channing Tatum) isn’t always too proud of his work. Bullock herself can relate to being ashamed of a past project: In a recent interview with TooFab, the actress admitted that she still has some regrets about signing on to the notoriously awful Speed 2: Cruise Control.

The topic came up when the interviewer asked Bullock and her co-star, Daniel Radcliffe, if they had any past projects of which they were initially еmbaɾɾassеd, but eventually made peace with after seeing fans’ positive reactions.

Radcliffe confessed that strutting around in a Hogwarts uniform on the set of Harry Potter didn’t always make him feel too chic, but he obviously grew to realize how special the role was. Bullock, however, had a much more negative reaction.

“You stumped me with the fans coming around later on [part of the question],” Bullock said. “I have one no one came around to and I’m still еmbaɾɾassеd I was in. It’s called Speed 2. I’ve been very vocal about it. Makes no sense. Slow boat. Slowly going towards an island.”

While Keanu Reeves starred alongside Bullock in the original Speed, he was noticeably absent from its 1997 follow-up. The film’s nonsensical plot follows Bullock’s character and a new love interest (played by Jason Patric) as they try to divert a hijacked cruise ship from crashing into an oil tanker. The ship instead collides into the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, wrecking the pier to a comical degree.

Speed 2 was nominated for eight Golden Raspberry Awards, taking home the award for Worst Remake or Sequel. “That’s one I wished I hadn’t done and no fans came around, that I know of,” Bullock added.

Though she’s starred in many blockbuster films, Bullock has shied away from sequels recently. Along with Speed 2, which barely made back its budget at the box office, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous was a commercial success in spite of its near-unanimously negative reviews.

“Every one of [my sequels] has been an absolute stinker,” Bullock said, before telling Radcliffe: “You have nothing but success with sequels. One was better than the other.” Watch the full interview below.

The Lost City is in theaters now, and also stars Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt, and Patti Harrison. Bullock will appear on the big screen again with Pitt in the upcoming crime thriller Bullet Train.

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